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Our philosophy

We believe in treating animals as our equals

One does not own an animal.

All animals are living, breathing beings with feelings just like us. We act as guardians – someone who takes care of their animal friend.

An adoption is not the same as going shopping.

Our filters work in favour of the pets and assess how their needs fit into your situation. Therefore we opted not to use visual filters like colour or breed. We believe people should give every single animal a chance.

About Labka

Helping pets find their forever home

For as long as we know Michal, he has been talking about creating a digital shelter for animals. In 2020 we decided to just start making it. We have a lot of work and plans ahead of us. We’re just getting started! Fun fact – both of us have adopted cats from a shelter.

Marek with Fufko
Michal with Freya and Fidel

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